• How to find the best golf courses for beginners

    Hooray for woods! We’re not talking about the ones you explore with a few hounds and some of your best hunting buddies. We’re actually talking about what are the best golf clubs for beginners today, and most importantly, we’re talking about the courses and type of equipment you’re going to need to buy.

  • Of course, you can always rent some golf clubs if you only want to play occasionally. However, as you really develop a sense of the game, you really need to make sure that you’re buying your own golf equipment.


    If you don’t buy your own equipment, you’ll constantly have some muscle confusion and tension as you have to switch back and forth around equipment that isn’t really designed to take care of your needs.


    You need to make sure that you focus on the type of game that you really want to play. Do you dream about being able to play so well that your friends can think of nothing but congratulating you on your success on the golf course?


    Or is it just something to do recreationally? Even if you just want to play for fun, there’s nothing wrong with developing a hobby that you can truly be proud of.


    You just need to make sure that you check out everything for yourself and look into some reviews. But in order to look at reviews, you still need to figure out what you actually need.


    That’s where this guide comes in handy. We think that starting with the golf fairway woods is definitely a good idea. These are the club heads that are made of metal. They used to be made from wood, which is where they get their name. This is going to be comprised of your driver as well as a few other “smaller” golf clubs. You’ll probably have a 3-wood and a 5-wood. You don’t have to carry both — some golfers like to only carry one.


    The driver is the one that’s going to be the longest club in the bag. It’s the hardest to control your swing with, but you will have to keep practicing until you master it.


    Club heads are often made from either titanium alloys or steel. The steel costs less, but you’ll get better precision and power with titanium.

    What you have to understand here is that your fairway woods are going to be progressive in nature. So that means that a 3-wood has less loft than a 4-wood, which in turn has less loft than a 5-wood. This translates into distance as follows: a 3-wood will go farther than a 4-wood, which will go farther than a 5-wood. You get the idea.


    When you’re starting out, you want to use your fairway woods first, and then switch to your driver. There’s no need to try to get the ball into the hole with just the driver. While you might dream of being Tiger Woods, there’s no reason why you have to put too much pressure on yourself in the beginning.


    Golf is about having a good time, and these equipment tips are the best place to begin!